Chapman Acura
in Tucson
4600 E. 22nd Street
Tucson, AZ 85711
Phone: 520-445-4061
Chapman Acura Reviews
Chapman Acura Average Rating:
4.9 out of 5 stars (112 reviews)
Service Manager Joe Cossanno
I moved to Tucson almost 9 years ago with my 2008 RL. I have never gone or looked anywhere for service other than Chapman. Joe has been my Service Manager each and every time I have come in for service. I will NOT come in if Joe is off or not at his desk. TLX's look very tempting. I had a 2004 TL before the RL. And finally, if you haven't realized, Joe Cossanno is the best ever.
– David Spann
A1 service
As expected, service completed as promised.
– Leonard Ruiz
I went in for a 52 point inspection on my 2007 Acura TL on the Monday Aug 31, 2007. I've noticed in previous oil changes that a hose was sweating fluid that is visible underneath the front bumper and that was my main concern. Curtis Tudor attended me upon arrival. He then took the vehicle back for the inspection. I gave him information on the extended warranty for my car. He came back and informed me about the gas cap needing replacing which I purchased at Honda right after. I got back and the car within a half hour it was ready after 52 point inspection. Curtis explained that their were some minor issues in the inspection. #1 intake boot is torn #2 brake fluid needs replacing #3 transmission fluid low #4 rear main seal is seeping. Now if rear main seal is seeping (leaking). Then to my knowledge my warranty should cover it. So, I asked about the leak that is coming from underneath the front bumper and they had "NO idea" what I was talking about. The mechanic said that the hoses were clean and that their were no other leaks. So, I told him for us to take a look after the vehicle had already been ready for me to take home. He popped the hood open and I told him that it was underneath just behind the front bumper. He didn't know where so I got on my back on the dirty asphalt and showed him where. My fingers were full of oil scum from liquid leaking, and my white shirt was all dirty. Then the mechanic took it back and then talked to Curtis about it being a rubber tranny hose that is old and need replacing. Curtis gave a price for that as well. So, I go there for something that they didn't even find and I had to show them what I was talking about and that is not the end. I thought that if I left my car their at shop to get the warranty to fix the rear main seal and or my tranny leak I wouldn't have to come back to drop the vehicle off again. Then I told Curtis to call me the next to see what my warranty would do to cover these issues. So he calls me and the next day and tells me that the rear main seal isn't covered under warranty because it's not leaking excessively and tranny hose I would have to cover my self. He also tells me that the rear view mirror actuator and the left front window regulator is covered under warranty. Which we had "NO Discussion" about rear view mirror actuator and window regulator that evening before. This was something new to me. It's not even noted on the work sheet. I asked Curtis about his work experience their at Chapman and he told me that he'd been working their a couple of months. So, knowledge and experience from Curtis is very low. I have no confidence in their service. That evening I also spoke with the service manager their and he was apologetic with me and I also told him about getting underneath the vehicle which I got my white shirt all dirty. I thought their would have been some compensation like " here's a t shirt so you won't get the interior of you car dirty". But their was nothing to that nature. I had a real bad experience with your service crew. If you have any questions please feel free to Call me Peter Leon at 520-419-9793
– Peter Leon
Great team!
The service team at the Chapman Acura of Tucson was awesome. Very friendly and knowledgeable and service was done quickly. Will definately be back!
– Jonathan Murphy
Accelerated service
drove up without appt. for accelerated service, after a brief wait I was scheduled for an oil & filter change and sat down at 12:14pm, by 12:44pm was on my way home. It doesn't get much better than that. Thanks Steve!!
– Linn Averill
Battery Eval and Replace
Kurtis was knowledgeable, prompt, and helpful.
– Ed McDonald
AC issue
I am happy the correct part arrived after you guys receiving the wrong one first try. AC fan was the issue and works great now. Also the temperature of AC is much better and where it should be. Thank you. I was disapppointed that my car was not washed after being there 24 hours for the repair. Thought that was part of the Acura service.
– Michael Totman
As usual, fantastic service! Thanks again, Jim J. Sherman
– James J Sherman
Quick, fast and pleasant
– Beverly Leeman
This is my 4th Acura in the last 12 years. In my opinion this is the best make. Also, as always the entire staff at Chapman is excellent. This goes from service through the finance department
– Gene Newman